Wednesday, August 13, 2014


We are His Amen People PROCLAIMING; 
The King is Coming to establish His Kingdom on earth!

"I am God there is none like me, I let you, (my children,) see the end from the beginning."  The book of Daniel and Revelation tell us Mystery Babylon (The banking system) will be the last kingdom to rule the earth before Jesus establishes his Stone Kingdom which will have no end and will ultimately cover the whole earth.

As adopted sons of God, we are privileged to be 
                     “THE AMEN PEOPLE,” 
Also known as the Overcomers, who are part of God’s family business living as a RE-PRESENTATION of Jesus. We have been given dominion (authority) in the earth to perceive what the father is doing in heaven...say Amen as a double witness and proclaim that it be done on earth. “Thy Kingdom come Thy will be Done on earth as it is in heaven.” 

Conversation with a Jihadist
This dialogue revels how much change is required for us to have the mind of Christ.